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 Welcome to LCPVP!

We are the official Minecraft Hunger Games style Server that provides awesome Minecraft Survival Style play. This is by far the best Minecraft Hunger Games / PVP experience which adds to the hardcore Minecraft Hunger Games Servers we have. Please join us on the never ending battle for victory! You can work your way up our Hunger Games Server STATS , or PURCHASE awesome PRO classes, PRO killstreaks and PRO Perks!

Hey LC!

MineCon 2012 is getting closer and closer each day! We are happy to announce the MineCon 2012 official PvP Competitions. Yes, we will host the official Hunger Games, Walls and TTT competitions which will be broadcasted Live at the official MineCon stream right from our booth! The event will happen on the 25th of November.

The competitions will consist of 2 phases, the first one involves a closed whitelist competition that only selected people can participate. This list is already full and it consists mostly of highly recognized people in the MineCraft community, from map makers, to YouTube channel owners, more details and the official list of contestants will be announced soon enough!

Phase 2 of this competition will be open to the public and it will be round based, only people at the show will be able to participate and sign up. If you go to our booth, we will have lists where anyone can come in and sign up. Some of the prizes include Pro Gaming Laptops, Gaming headsets, Mice, Keyboards provided by a soon to be announced list of sponsors.

I am so excited to reveal all the information I have about what we will offer to the show and I cannot wait to tell you the full details. We have been planning, and we already have booth designs, our booth will have a shell scheme which means it will be walled in a way that it will resemble a shell. Our booth will have everything you can imagine from a Minecraft art gallery to tables filled with gaming computers to compete!

All I can say is, play and practice the PvP Games over at MineCade and get the MineCon Rank as we will be opening up competition signups for them as well!

We are working on a fix for the HG we are aware of the issues and the fix will be uploaded during the week. Thanks for your Patience!

Have Fun!

Hey LC!

We have been working a lot on getting the servers to a playable state again. We have been reading the forums a lot and we are nerfing and changing the upcoming killstreaks and pro classes as the community has suggested. We are also making it a bit like before in terms of how games began and what not.

We apologize for not having a perfect product out yet. This is due to the fact that Codename had to re-write the system from scratch to improve the server load and so its easy to move away from bukkit when the time comes.

We will be pushing the update very soon and by soon I mean in 1-2 weeks. We thank you for your patience and are happy to have you playing with us at the minecraft hunger games!
outmaface how can I play help me plz
seanie613 OMG JUST HELP ME

Hey LC!

MineCon 2012 is getting closer and closer each day! We wanted to see which of you where going to attend to the show this year and we where looking for some volunteers to help out with the booth, and most importantly to be there with us while Mojang celebrates their second show.

UPDATE!: We are getting one the bigger 48m/sq booths, as you can see in the show floor, we have a few more sponsors as well to be announced soon. We will have 10 PC's setup and will make Walls competitions and giveaway laptops and gaming gear! Let's just say we will have the best booth in MineCon, certainly the one with the most money spent, and we do it for you guys as we little profit out of MineCon, it's going to be an awesome event!

I am also happy we are getting a few volunteers ready to help us as we have too much fun to give out! If you want to be a Volunteer, go HERE and apply!

Servers are 1.4.6 we will continue to work on this project from now on. Sorry for the downtime, we will work on player experience rather than pro stuff.
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